The core of the system, Requirements are the high level holders for all obligations & registers – in fact you can track just about anything with Comply Ahoy Requirements – ISO – regulatory, license, project & contracts, guidelines, codes of practice

Define your own requirement types, add your own custom fields, then attach your requirements to recurring Actions to make sure they are kept up to date. If an Action doesn’t occur or a response is negative your Requirement will automatically alert you – providing a simple drill down to get to the root of the issue.


Simple, straightforward issue tracking that’s completely customisable to your needs.

Do you have specific requirements around issue reporting, tracking and followup? Comply Ahoy can track any kinds of issues and can be configured to assign follow up Actions to make sure nothing is missed. 


Risk Management doesn’t need to be complicated – with Comply Ahoy you can take a simple, straightforward approach to risk management that is still flexible enough to suit your needs

Manage Risks, Controls and associated Actions with the the flexibility that you expect from Comply Action – custom fields & workflow. A 5 * 5 matrix that has configurable likelihood & consequence along with risk levels provides the functionality & flexibility that your risk management process requires.


Tracking and following up Actions related to Compliance tasks can be tricky at the best of times. Comply Ahoy centralises management of Actions and always provides a high level overview of the status of Actions and their Requirements

Configurable with custom fields and questions, you can build Actions to suit your needs.

Dashboard & Reporting

Always get a clear picture of your compliance position – every action in the system produces a status outcome – positive, negative or neutral. Status indicators roll up to provide an overall compliance position.

We have a range of charts and diagrams, as well as simple search functionality to get to the bottom of any compliance issues. You can also produce compliance reports from anywhere in the system that provide the overviews that you require.


Comply Ahoy is an API first software-as-a-service platform – this means that integration with Comply Ahoy is straightforward – especially if your system is already API enabled.

We’re working on integrations with existing systems that you already use for collecting compliance information. If you are interested in building an API connection to Comply Ahoy, or you have a system that you need integrated get in touch.


Comply Ahoy is a multi-tenanted software-as-a-service (SaaS) application. We take security very seriously and have built security into our application from the ground up.

Do you have specific security requirements such as single sign-on, multi-factor authentication or an overview of our secure software development practices? Get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss in more detail.